Top 5 Tips When Planning Your Wedding

From REAL Couples

Bride and Groom, standing in front of ornate wrought iron fence. Groom is kissing Brides cheek, while she stands with her back to his chest, holding a bouquet of flowers.

Tips When Planning a Wedding – Here are some real couples’ input on how to plan your wedding with some of the best tips and what to do’s to save your sanity or money!



CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH.  Don’t think about what other people would want, who your family wants to invite. (Because those extra people that are coming along, mean nothing to YOU.) And at the end of the day, it’s about what YOU want together as a couple. Don’t want 60 little kids running around? Don’t invite kids. If their families get pissed, and they can’t find a sitter? Notcho’ problem. (And this is coming from me, I have four kids.)

Tip #2

Take a few minutes during your reception to just chill, take a deep breath, and honestly look around at everyone that’s there to celebrate you and the start of your new chapter. I tell my couples’ this often during the day, just remember to BE, in that moment. Your wedding day is a blur, for real – take that moment. Soak it up!

Best Man giving a speech at the reception while Bride and Groom watch with big smiles on their faces.

Tip #3

RECEPTION – Use that damn dance floor!  I know you think you absolutely without a doubt must speak to each and every single guest that shows up to your wedding, right?  Well listen up, get to the Grandparents, and super VIP’s… and then go dance your ass off! This is YOUR reception, and yes; your guests all traveled from some long far away place but, honestly… talk to them on the dance floor. You paid good money for a big ol’ party, to what? Stand around and watch other people have a blast while you, stand in a corner and talk to someone? Nahhhhhhhh.  Get out there, and in the words of the great Dave Chappelle;


Tip #4

Honestly, decide what the top 5 most important things are for your big day, and make those a priority. OBVIOUSLY, Photography should be way up there because at the end of the day, the thing you have left – is your Spouse, Ring and Photos. The tangible evidence of the day, and the memories are far too precious to spend pennies on. Of course I am biased, but it truly is one of the best things you can invest in. Click here to get a hold of me to book your day. 😉 

When I was polling the “audience”, a lot of people mentioned cutting your budget on fancy over priced invitations. Leigh says “Pretty invites and stuff are nice, but they’re going to end up in the trash. I had a friend spend $5 per invite for a 150 person wedding, not including save the dates! Why? I did my whole stationary setup for 100 invites and response cards utilizing Etsy, Google, and Vistaprint for $150. Save the dates were another $50, mailed.”  

I can get on board with this savings idea!  But, keep in mind that DIY projects are time consuming, so plan accordingly! 

Tip #5

Last but certainly, NOT least. 


Wedding coordinators are invaluable.  And if you cannot afford it, then look to your Wedding Photographer to help you plan out your timeline. The majority of us already include that and have plenty of knowledge on how much time you should allot for each part of the day. Personally, I’ve been a licensed Cosmetologist for 10 years, so I have plenty of knowledge on how long it takes for hair and makeup as well. There are several moving parts for a wedding day, and thinking you know how to time manage, will not get you far. Utilize the pro’s knowledge to help!  

Detroit Wedding Photographer – Tips When Planning a Wedding
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