Wedding Photography That Is Truly Unique and Stress-Free


Couple walking hand in hand after being announced Husband and Wife.

You Deserve it All!

As a photographer the one thing I want you to remember is this is YOUR wedding. It should be everything you’ve always wanted.

You shouldn’t be stressed or worrying about anything except your spouse and enjoying your day.

If you could imagine the perfect scenario… the perfect photo of you two expressing your love to each other… what would it look like? Let me help you make that happen.


Your Wedding YOUR Way

I can’t stress this enough. DO YOU!!! Which means I want to know more about you and your fiancé. Everything about you two should be showcased completely in your wedding AND in the photography. The way your eyes light up when you see each other, the way you laugh with each other, how you touch hands, all that sappy shit.. that is what I want to capture. That is what I want to show the world about your relationship.

Things I want to know about you and your Fiancé.

What is your story? How did you two meet? What made you choose the location you did to get married? Favorite music? How did you get engaged? What kind of wedding do you want? I want to hear it all! I want to understand who you are as individuals and as a couple so your wedding and your photography is a representation of who you are. As a wedding photographer, it is my goal to capture YOUR wedding the way YOU want it.

I just wanted to shout from the rooftops how much of an awesome engagement and wedding photographer Magan of Evoke – Fine Art Photography is!!!!! I literally had the most fun with her. She helped me get through my day, was incredibly helpful, incredibly professional and just incredibly incredible. I received a preview of my photos less than 24 hours after my event. She really made our big day even better.
– Dionne & Chris K


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