I want every image to be a reflection of you.

I want the doubled-over laughs. 
The biggest smiles. 
The tender glances. 
The inside jokes. 

I want the       joy.

That is the experience I create in front of my camera.
And that’s the memories you will create with each other.


I totally understand that things are a bit unpredictable right now. I’m here to help. I have intimate wedding options available for those who are ready to get married but aren’t looking for a full day of coverage. It’s the same, amazing experience with a twist.

Elopement and Intimate Wedding Packages Available


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Here’s why it’s really really really really great.


*Custom collections Starting at $3200.* 

After I get a solid idea of what you’re wanting and needing for your day, I put together a custom proposal for you. Every wedding is as unique as the couple, and you should have a package custom tailored to your specific vision. And the best part? No matter the proposal, my retainer is only $1,500 to officially book.

Custom Package


From the moment you reach out, I will be within reach constantly. We live in a fast-paced world where we need information just as fast as life is happening around us. A very important business practice for me is quick and efficient communication, so it’s safe to say you can expect a reply right away. If I’m at a wedding or session, I will still shoot you a message back to let you know I’ve seen your inquiry and that I’ll get back to you. You’ll never have to wait more than 24 hours.

You Send an Inquiry


How do we book?

Time to get to know each other! Here is where we get a feel for the vibe, and what your experience will be like to work with me. I get to ask questions to get to know you both and hear more about your dreams for your wedding day. We’re going to spend a lot of time together: from planning your timeline, to engagements, and then the entire wedding day. So, I love this chance to get comfy with each other! 

We hop on a call



“How do you capture these real moments?” 

I will be constantly directing you, guiding you, and prompting you, of course. But it’s also what happens in-between these prompts that show the natural and real sides of you both. That’s what I specialize in capturing. But never fear, I’ll never leave you hanging on what to do next—which takes us to number two! 

More of My Approach


“We’re so awkward!”

I hear this so often that I could say I specialize in people who think they look awkward. I have a bag full of lame jokes, inappropriate humor, and a loud personality to match. I keep a solid flow during my sessions that it goes by so fast because we’re just having so much fun. You’ll be far too busy feeling like you’re not even taking photos to feel awkward! It’s my number one thing I hear from past clients, and it’s the best compliment. Take their word for it! 


 Keep it fun (and quick)! 

And when I say keep it fun, I mean for everybody! I help with timeline strategies that keeps the day flowing effortlessly for all of your guests. Their experience matters nearly as much as your experience, so I take this into account with every plan we make. While pictures are important and awesome, you have a party and lots of guests to see. That’s why I make sure to get great stuff quickly. 

Your best decision. 

The entire process of you having the wedding of your dreams is the most important thing to me. I’m always a phone call, a text, or an email away. Going the extra mile is more than a motto to me—it’s who I am, and I love the opportunity to help whenever I can. I want you feeling like booking with me was the best decision you made for your wedding day.   


Okay, want in?

Just wait, it's going to be incredible.

 let's get started


2021 Evoke Wedding Photos
Destination and Michigan Based Wedding Photographer