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Your Guide to Finding a Micro Wedding Photographer

Planning a wedding can feel like navigating a maze, especially when you’re aiming for an intimate and enchanting celebration. As your dedicated micro wedding photographer, I’m here to shed light on how capturing your special day with meticulous attention to detail will leave you swooning.

A micro wedding, with its intimate guest count and scaled-down elegance, opens the door to the perfect opportunity for the expertise of a seasoned photographer. Having a photographer who knows exactly where to be, guarantees that no precious moment slips through the cracks. With an innate eye for detail, I strive to encapsulate the very essence of your love and the excitement of your surroundings.

Bride and Groom posing at their micro-wedding in california

So, why entrust your micro wedding memories to a professional photographer?

Beyond delivering breathtaking images for you to cherish, I’m committed to ensuring your comfort and ease throughout the entire process. Complete with helping coordinate the timeline. My goal is not only to capture the magic of your special day but to make sure it is as stress-free as you intended in the first place.

Bride and Her Puppy getting ready for her micro wedding ceremony.

What is a micro wedding?

Micro weddings, gaining popularity for good reason, offer couples a chance to focus on the core elements of their wedding – love and the joy of sharing it intimately with very close family and friends. With a guest count of 50 or fewer, micro weddings have sparked a demand for photographers adept at capturing these intimate moments.

Benefits of a micro wedding

A micro wedding, emphasizing quality over quantity, fosters a more relaxed and meaningful experience for the couple and their nearest and dearest. With a focus on personalization, these small-scale celebrations can unfold in various settings, from a backyard garden to a picturesque destination.

The importance of capturing the magic

Opting for a micro wedding brings several advantages, allowing couples to allocate their budget effectively and create a more personalized event. The opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones, unburdened by a large crowd, is a distinctive feature of micro weddings. Just because it’s “small”, does not mean it doesn’t deserve to be captured like the momentous occasion that it is!

Wedding Dreams Come True

Your wedding day, a once-in-a-lifetime affair, is brimming with magical moments that deserve to be captured in all their glory. Investing in a professional photographer who specializes in micro weddings ensures these moments are beautifully documented, allowing you to relive them for years to come.

Opting for an experienced photographer offers numerous advantages, including familiarity with the area, knowledge of ideal photo spots, and potential connections with local vendors. The personalized experience I provide, easily accessible for meetings and consultations, enhances the overall planning process.

Questions to ask when interviewing potential photographers

Finding the ideal photographer may seem daunting, but with careful research and consideration, it can be a seamless process. Recommendations, online portfolios, and consultations with potential photographers can guide your decision-making. Ensure you ask questions about their experience, approach, and availability to choose a photographer who aligns with your vision.

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Tips for working with a wedding photographer

Once you’ve selected the perfect wedding photographer, effective communication is key. Clearly articulate your expectations, share specific preferences, and trust your photographer’s expertise throughout the day. Being present and enjoying every moment ensures a relaxed and joyous atmosphere, resulting in the most authentic and beautiful photographs.

Embracing the intimacy and beauty of micro weddings is an art form, and with the right photographer by your side, your love story will be immortalized in frames that resonate with the magic of your special day.

I would be more than honored to hear more about your story and the vision you have for your micro-wedding day, reach out and I’ll be sure to get right back to you!

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"Magan was hands down the best choice we made (other than marrying my husband!) for our wedding."

Jessica & Goutham

"Hire Magan if you want beautiful pictures. She had us literally tearing up at how stunning all her photos of us are and you don’t spend your entire wedding posing for pictures. Magan was hands down the best choice we made (other than marrying my husband!) for our wedding. You’ll love her personality and you will never regret hiring her for any occasion."

"She captures moments like no on I've seen in the business."

Matt & Stephanie

"Magan is a pro. If you're looking for artist to deliver on the biggest day of your life (wedding) she's your woman. She's honest, fair and fun to hang around with. I never write reviews but needed to for Evoke as the caliber of her work is amazing. It also helps she's leaned in digitally and can deliver your photos back in a seamless and easy way. Well done Magan. Keep on making people look like movie stars. :)"

" Her approach to personalize and tailor your experience to match your needs makes her an easey recommendation."

Ben & Janya

"I can't say enough good things about my experience with Magan. I was in the market for a photographer to capture a special moment and Magan was a joy to work with throughout the entire process. In order to look comfortable in photos, it is so crucial to have an upbeat, energetic personality that simultaneously can break any awkwardness with conversation or humor and Magan fulfills that in spades! Her approach to personalize and tailor your experience to match your needs makes her an easy recommendation."

"The pictures from our wedding day left us speechless."

Danny & Victoria

Our engagement photo session, with Magan, was an absolute blast. We are so appreciative of Magan’s help and guidance throughout our wedding planning and forever GRATEFUL to have had her and her husband with us on our wedding day. Magan and Jared were perfect for us and our wedding group, and a huge part in making it all happen. The pictures from our wedding day left us speechless. We can’t stop looking at them. She captured every moment. We’re so thankful to not only have gained a photographer for life, but also a friend.