Matthaei Botanical Gardens Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos at Matthaei Conservatory

Goutham reached out to me on Facebook, to ask about some details for his fiance Jessica and his wedding. After chatting on the phone we decided to meet up for coffee and get to know each other and we immediately hit it off.

We knew that working together would create some kind of magic. We booked an engagement session on the spot, for August. I was so excited to work with them! Their vibe, and everything.

So finally when the day came, I could sense a little nervousness from both of them as they had never done anything like this before. We met at Matthaei Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor, MI and it did not disappoint. We took a stroll through the Conservatory and quickly got to work. This session turned into so much laughter, and the connection between the two of them was so clear, and the nervousness faded within minutes of us shooting.

Once we had a sufficient amount of images there, we changed our tune and headed back to their home to change into some traditional Indian attire. And man, did it work. While they got ready, I played with their little bouncy Havanese pup, Ted. He wore a BOWTIE. I was in love with him!! haha!

We took some photos in front of their beautiful house in New Hudson, and then made our way to Kensington Metropark where the two got Engaged. The sun was quickly dissipating by the time we got there, so we ran to our spot and got to work!

While we were driving through Kensington Metropark, they told me a little bit about the proposal, so of course I had to have Jessica tell me the details to share it here… So sweet.

“We were going for a walk in Kensington and we found this part that had a huge track of mud. On the other side of the mud was an island, so I told him I’d race him to the island through the mud and he had to hold me back so I didn’t ruin his surprise! He asked me if I would be his best friend for the rest of his life.”

After we finished the session, I couldn’t wait to get home and get to work – posting well over the normal amount of “preview” images. And their response to seeing them just absolutely left me without words. The praise and thanks I received from them were touching and made me so incredibly happy. The best part of my job is allowing others to see the true beauty they possess, and to capture them and their personalities in the best way.

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