Pandemic Wedding Planning Tips

How the hell do you plan a wedding during a Pandemic?!

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a steaming pile of… well, you know. 😉

BUT that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on having an incredible, yet safe wedding. Remember, you are not alone right now! A lot of brides are having the same dilemma of planning a wedding during a pandemic. If you are just starting to plan your wedding or in the phase of rescheduling your wedding, I have some tips that might be helpful for you to keep in mind.

Less is more.

Some of the most amazing weddings I’ve photographed during the pandemic were limited to 30 people or under! Intimate weddings are getting popular now, and you get to really celebrate your special day with the people you love the most. If there is a positive takeaway for 2020, I learned to see that stripped-down, simplistic weddings are some of the most intimate, and touching events I’ve had the pleasure of photographing.

guests sitting at an outdoor intimate background wedding.
guests sitting at an outdoor intimate background wedding.

But how do I eliminate my guest list?

I know, I know. A tricky part of planning a wedding during a pandemic! It is so hard to eliminate your guest list, especially if you are a people person! Start with thoroughly scanning your guest list. Be honest, how many people did you invite because your parents told you to? What about the ones you haven’t talked to in months, or years. Did you invite them just because they invited you to their wedding? Also, letting your guests bring a +1 might be unnecessary if you want to keep the numbers low. Remember, celebrating with the people you really care about is more important than having a lot of people at your wedding.

Live stream your wedding.

Now that you have reduced your guest list, you feel guilty because you have uninvited Jessica from your Writing 101 class freshman year 3 years ago. Aha, I have a solution for you! Live-streaming your big day is an excellent option to include them without having to invite them to the wedding in-person. Tools such as Facebook Live, Zoom, Google Hangout, and YouTube Live are awesome to use, and some of them are even free! This option is also great if you are worried about your elderly guests. They can stay in the comfort of their homes while witnessing you and your partner exchanging vows.

Outdoor vs indoor venue.

We all know that outdoor activities have become very popular during the pandemic because it is proven to be safer than indoor gatherings. A lot of guests will be more comfortable attending your wedding in the outdoor areas, so I would recommend to start looking at outdoor venues. Outdoor weddings are gorgeous, and there is a lot more room for creativity!

Here are some great examples of Wedding Planning During a Pandemic, these two Brides had an intimate fall backyard wedding in Michigan.
Here are some great examples of Wedding Planning During a Pandemic, these bride and groom had an intimate fall backyard wedding in Michigan.

For example, Meg and Ashley’s outdoor wedding was decorated beautifully with this decorated wooden arch and a variety of flower arrangements. And guess what? This wedding was in their backyard! With the right vendors, you can turn any outdoor location into your dream wedding venue.

Read over your contracts VERY carefully.

If you have picked your wedding vendors, I cannot stress this enough– make sure you communicate with them and ask them each and every question you have in mind. You don’t know what will happen in the future in terms of rules and regulation, because things are still changing as we figure out what is next. That being said, review everything your contract says, and don’t be afraid to make sure you and your vendor are on the same page.

Take a deep breath. Take breaks.

Lastly, you need to give some time to yourself. Wedding planning is exhausting, even before the pandemic started. If things are getting more overwhelming, do not afraid to ask for help! There are a lot of online wedding communities who are willing to help you, or you can even reach out to your friends and family. Planning your wedding should be fun and something you can look forward to. As a wedding photographer, I would love for you to come to me for advice as well! All we need is for us to help each other out during these hard times.

I hope these tips are helpful to at least ease up your mind. And here are 5 more tips, just in case! If you have not found a photographer yet, you can holler at me and we can hop on a Zoom call to talk about your big day!

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