Top 10 Wedding Party Gift Ideas: Buy From These Small Businesses!

Ideas for Wedding Party Gifts

Check out this list of gifts you can get on AMAZON! But also, from Small Businesses!!

Small booth and table decor, florals with skulls and bull horns on the wall.

There are so many things to think about when you are planning your big day. SO MUCH excitement, and why not make it a little easier on yourself, and take a look at this list I’ve complied for all things GIFT, when it comes to your wedding party.

Small Businesses and Reviews, YAS!

These gifts, all have great reviews and what better to purchase and support a small business?!

Be so unique with your gifts! Those are always the best! – Lip Balm. Body Scrub.. yes, please! And they gift wrap it, I mean.. BONUS! One less thing to do!
I’m always about gifting something that is truly useful. Who doesn’t love handcrafted soaps?! Maybe I’m just basic, but I love this idea. haha!
Is your entire wedding party, sets of couples? I’ve shot several weddings where there was several couples in their party! After looking through their whole Amazon store, I decided there are a ton of super cute gift ideas!! Check it out here!

Let’s do this in a way that makes it fun, gifting to your wedding party is something you can make so custom. Don’t necessarily do the typical gifts. And even if you do, pair it with something a little more personal. And again.. supporting small businesses! Makes ya’ feel good anyway!

For your Boujee wedding party attendee’s, Whiskey Stones & some pretty glasses. These are always a cool gift!

Do you have a bunch of beard-o’s in your wedding group? Beard oil! Get some.

Something nice and durable, that will keep all their stuff together. YES! And it’s totally practical, and will get so much use if your group does any traveling!

But okay, LOOK AT THIS!!! I know you got some criers’ at your party. There are always some! THESE ARE MY FAVORITE!!

Super reasonably priced too!! Check it out
here on their Etsy shop!

Also, beyond gifts – I’m just gonna plug this right here. Something else that your wedding party will appreciate is amazing vendors!!

Photography and video are something that a lot of people are just not super excited about because they either don’t like having their photos taken or have had a not-so-fun experience in the past.

When you are hiring; you should totally make sure to discuss with these specific vendors, and figure out what they do to keep your whole day fun! Check out my experience page here, you’re guaranteed to have a bangin’ time.

Ok, I had to be a little cliché for ONE…. these earrings are to die for, and at a super good price! Omggg, the whole site. I’m totally buying some like this for my own wedding! Check out all of their stuff here!

Watches don’t have to be over the top expensive, for them to be good quality. Filippo Loreti is an awesome watch company. My fiance has several, and I got myself one on a Black Friday deal, and I LOVE IT. It’s sleek, chic, and everything I love. (Rose gold & marble, yes please.)

Of course, there is no true right or wrong way to gift your wedding party. After all, you know them the best. Have fun with it! And if you need more ideas or need to chat with a wedding professional, hit me up!

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