We’re Engaged! Now what?! | Pro Tips from A Wedding Photographer

A helpful guide from a wedding professional, on how to get started with your wedding planning.

At some point, we all get to … this.

Neither of you has ever planned a wedding before, (or maybe you have- cheers to new beginnings.) And you just have no idea where to start. Guess what, I’m pretty sure that’s like 90% of people. Though those stats aren’t necessarily accurate,… it seems like a fair assumption. Haha!

Woman looking at her new fiance in the park at George George on the bridge.

Let’s get to it.

First things first, you’ve got some decisions to make – the area you want your wedding to be held, the aesthetic for the venue, and the season. Once you’ve narrowed that down, you can really get the ball rolling!

Work out your budget and establish your top priorities—where to save/where to splurge.

Compile your preliminary guest list (you’ll need that guest count!).

Choose your wedding party—who do you want by your side at the altar.

For the busy couple, consider hiring a wedding planner, this helps eliminate a lot of stress and delegates all the “moving parts” to a pro- who knows how to handle it!

newly engaged couple kissing under a tree during their fall proposal session.

The Fun Part!

Book your venue.

And pro-tip* don’t get stuck on a certain date. Because, a lot of times – you have to be flexible with what your venue has available. That’s more and more true these days as COVID times have really thrown a wrench in the wedding industry.

If you are dead set on having certain vendors – this does happen for me, personally – and what I’m saying here is, if you know you need someone there to make your day complete. You ask their availability before you book your venue. Gather the dates they have, and compare with the venue to really specialize your day. This may sound “extra” but, when you want someone to capture your day or a special DJ that you know is going to rock your reception. You go that route to make sure they are there.

Book your photographer. (and video if you’re choosing to!)

pro-tip* incoming... I know you are so excited to get your engagement photos done, pronto!

Just wait before rushing to book that session though! Booking your engagement shoot with the person who will be photographing your wedding, is very beneficial. Think of the relationship you build with someone during that time! Having that trust is huge, and will help ease your nerves throughout the day.

Book your DJ.

If you really want to have a stellar experience, poll your friends – or ask the couple who had an amazing reception. You obviously want someone who is going to play the crowd, and really keep your people on the dance floor. A lame DJ really puts a damper on the night, so make sure it’s someone you trust to assist in creating a memorable experience for your friends and family. (My favorites to work with include DJ Joey A, and HotBeats Entertainment.)

something unique pro-tip* A band is always a super fun option. There is nothing quite like having your own private concert with some local cover band! Jedi Mind Trip, Atomic Radio Band, and StarFarm are a few that I’ve seen do an incredible job at weddings!

Caterer, Florist, and so on…

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