WTF Is A Love Language: And How To Easily Put Them To Use

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And how to figure it out…

Since a lot of us are at home with all this quality time (*cough COVID-19*) together, why not put that time to good use and learn a little bit about each other and how you can start improving your communication, and build your relationship, right now!? So… WTF Is A Love Language: And How To Easily Put Them To Use.

When I first started researching Love Languages about 4 years ago… I was so skeptical. 🤨 I always knew there was a secret to a successful relationship, beyond being with the “right” person.

Psychologist William James says “Possibly the deepest human need, is the need to feel appreciated.”

Everyone speaks a different language, and the key is to be fluent in that language. Not only will it improve how your partner feels about you, but it also heavily impacts how they feel about themselves. Win-win!

Gary Chapman wrote a phenomenal book on “The Five Love Languages” – and he says “If your friend or spouses’ love language is quality time, you can wash their car and take out the trash every week, but they will not feel loved until you sit across from them, linger over a cup of coffee, and look into their eyes.”

For my partner and I – we have almost identical love languages, so it’s very easy for us to understand one another. Does this mean we are absolutely perfect? NO. We still disagree, but… we respect the way in which we communicate. And it makes our connection stronger. That’s the goal. Not to mention, we have four kids here that we want to see the healthiest relationship possible. They are all at pivotal ages, and even when we think they aren’t paying attention, they absolutely are. 😉

REALLY get to know each other’s love languages. Are these things deal breakers? No, but it sure helps!

If you’re ever looking for fun ways to connect and exercise your “Quality Time or Acts of Service” love languages you should head over to my recent blog about Corona Quarantine Date Night Ideas!

And you know what?

It’ll be a hell of a lot easier to know how to make your person feel better when they’ve had a rough day. Do you come home with ice cream, and a movie – because, your partners Love Language is ‘quality time’? Or … do you come home with a new pair of shoes, a watch, or a bouquet of flowers because their love language is “gifts”?

Five love languages info guide.

So, do the damn thing! The quiz itself takes maybe 7 minutes, figure out your Love Languages… And you can save yourself 7 years of headaches!. 🤭

And when you decided to get some updated photos of you two together, you can easily contact me!

Click this link to follow along with the quizzes! 5 Love Language Profiles – you can also find the book if you are interested in really diving deep, on Amazon!


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