How to Feel Like You’re Present At Your Wedding

Strategies from a veteran Detroit wedding photographer on being “there” on your big day!

If you are worried about spending too much time away from your family, AND not getting enough one-on-one time with your partner on your wedding day; there is a simple fix – plan for a few photo “sets’ throughout the day.

Brides at their first look in the Detroit Club Hotel lobby.
Brides kissing during their first look in downtown Detroit hotel.

Start off your day by having a “first look” – This is a beautiful opportunity to see each other for the first time, in an intimate setting with just your photographer. It’s also a great opportunity to calm your nerves, and hug and kiss your person. Twirl each other around, and check out the wedding day accessories you each spent time putting thought into.

Once you’ve finished up with the ceremony, you’ll do your immediate family photos as your guests head to the cocktail hour!

Brides holding hands walking through their venues property during photos.

You and your partner can head off to a portrait session, while you send your wedding party off to cocktail hour to enjoy with the rest of your guests! This is not only the perfect opportunity to take more photos, but also take a moment to yourselves before the rest of the night begins! My goal is to get my couple to their cocktail hour, I want you to be able to enjoy all the aspects of your day even if it’s just to grab your signature cocktail or grab some snacks.

(Oh, but if I’m your photographer my assistant, my Husband, Jared is the *snack king* and always makes sure to keep us stocked with waters, drinks, and snacks if they are easily accessible!)

Brides dancing during their grand entrance at the Roostertail Detroit, reception.

Once it’s time to get your party on – we like to keep your family involved as much as possible and make sure we’re keeping the rest running smooth. Once you’ve been announced and the Grand Entrance is completed – head over and cut your cake, while everyone is still feeling excited!

We want to feed them, and keep catering on time! Skip the speeches until after you’ve finished eating and do a simple toast to get your dinner started! *Great time to give a quick “Thank You” to everyone in the room.*

The next step is First Dances! Once those are finished up and you have your dance floor open for your guests, this is about the time that I like to slip outside for that perfect golden hour light with you for one more opportunity to enjoy each other, and get those beautiful evening photos.

Brides first dance with cold spark fire works at the Roostertail in Detroit.

This is just one of my favorite strategies to use when setting up my couples’ wedding day. Each day is so unique, and everyone wants something different. My job is to figure out what that is and execute it as seamlessly as possible. I’ve got over 10 years of shooting weddings under my belt and would love to help you create your ideal wedding day and tell your story. Contact me here for more details, and take a peek here for more wedding tips!

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