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When the feeling of awkwardness takes over the joy

Welcome to the best place ever, your new home for comfortable and empowering photos. It’s no secret that being photographed can feel overwhelming and scary for many people. If that’s you, then hiiii *waves* 🙂 I’m here today to speak a little love over you and hopefully help shape the way you think of having your photo taken.

You’re a precious gift to this world. Every day you impact the world in a positive way, even if you don’t know how that might possibly be. You see, we live in a world that’s trained to see the negative. When you leave someone with a good feeling they are unlikely to let you know that you positively impacted them. They will, though, make sure you know if it was negative. You’re worth seeing in every light, every facet, every focused or unfocused glance. I guarantee that your partner looks at you through this lens of deep adoration too. You’re a very loved individual who is wanted and worth encapsulating in the form of photos.

Man in a pink suit posing for a photo during a reception at the Roostertail in Detroit.

So when the time comes for your wedding photos try falling asleep the night before with thoughts that feel empowering. When the negative thoughts come creeping in, stop the rabbit hole in its tracks and repeat some of these below;

Self-Love Affirmations

“I am so loved”
“My smile brings people joy”
“I have eyes worth seeing”
“My love is evident”
“I get to marry this wonderful person”
“I want to remember this love forever”
“I am beautiful”
“My energy is beautiful”
“I love this feeling of closeness with my Partner”
“Love is all that matters”
“I feel joy and ease”
“Showing my love for my partner is easy”
“I want the world to see how much I love them”
“Love is pure and joyous”

Black dragonfly on a weed.

I’m certain that speaking these words over yourself the night before your wedding or engagement photos will bring an added layer of peace and intention into your photo session. You’re magnetic and beautiful, and I for one can’t wait to see how stunning your engagement photos and wedding photos turn out. Reach out to see how we can capture your day with the authenticity it deserves.

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