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When you really just wanna know how to have the best day ever…

Now I want to add before we start that I personally went to the polls (Facebook Bride groups) and asked all the recent graduate couples to give me their BEST advice for couples planning for 2022 and 2023 weddings. There are so many good ones that I had to compile them all into the ultimate list for the mainstream, non-traditional couple. If you’ve read any of my website, or other blogs you will know that I am a huge advocate for people doing what makes them happy. Period. No- if’s and’s or but’s… You do you.

Wedding party dancing and singing around Bride and Groom.

This is Not Your Granny’s Wedding Day

So here we go, we are doing things your way. I promise it’s okay, have no regrets about what you do on your day.

  • If you’re paying for it, do as you want and invite who you want. – *Now I’m going to add my two cents in here; even if someone offers to pay, doesn’t give them the right to dictate your guest list. I don’t like strings when something is supposed to be a gift. (Unless this is something you are 100% ok with. If they are random people you don’t know, nix that.)
  • If you can’t see yourself getting a coffee with them 3 months from now, and haven’t spoke to them in 3 months, don’t feel obligated to invite them!
  • EAT! Even if people are trying to push you around all day, take some bites of food and sips of water.
  • We took 10 mins between ceremony and reception to stop pictures, find a quiet place together and eat without interruption. We had people sneak us plates. (**When you’re working with me, my assistant keeps us snacked & watered – or even your bev of choice**)
  • Don’t start a marriage with wedding debt.
  • At your reception, stand back with your spouse and take it in for a second.
  • Don’t stress too much about the small things, you will be too wrapped up in the day and your partner to notice.
  • A wedding planner for the day/month of. I did all the planning but having that help on the day of and the moth leading up was so worth it! *Planners are worth their weight in gold, definitely hire a planner.
  • Don’t skimp on the photographer and the hours. This is your sign if you’re on the fence. (Couldn’t agree more, haha)
  • Invite people who are a part of your journey and won’t mind if you’re too busy having a good time to say goodbye. Enjoy! I made sure to dance all night and if people wanted to see me, they knew where to find me.
  •  Skip the programs.
  • Designate someone to tip your vendors at the end of the night (give them envelopes filled with the tip and labeled with the vendor name)
  • Be sure to slip away just the two of you for a few minutes. Connect with each other in the moment. 💕
  • Do the first look! And take 20-30 minutes just you two. It’s the most peaceful part of the whole day ♥️ – YES, yes and yes. See a beautiful first look here.
  • Don’t do a receiving line – skip straight to family & wedding party photos then the couple photos. 
  • Don’t let anything bother you the day of! All of my “oh shit” moments are some of the best stories I tell about my wedding now.
  • Get a private jacuzzi or hot tub for the wedding night
  • Skip the favors and opt for entertainment instead (comic, game show, caricature artist, etc).
  • And do NOT wait to have a honeymoon. Budget for it NOW and go.
  • If your dress has a million buttons, you’re probably going to want a crotchet hook. It makes looping the buttons so much easier!

If you are looking to have as stress-free of a day as possible, I would love to help you figure out what you need for wedding photography coverage. Head to my experience page to see what working with me is like, as well as my starting pricing and what is included in all of my collections! If you’re ready to get this thing started, just shoot me a message on my contact page and I’ll get back to you asap!



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