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Lake Side Ceremony, and Sunset Reception at Waldenwoods

I got so incredibly behind on blogging starting in September, that holy crap it’s been months since I’ve caught up on ACTUAL weddings. I’ve been writing helpful tips and tricks about wedding planning and leaving the rest on the backburner. That’s been my goal for this year. Get it together, and sit down- catch up on blog writing and do the damn thing.

This wedding was absolutely gorgeous. I got to work along side a new videographer, and it was just a blast! We worked so well together, I truly believe that it enhances the experience for our Couple. When we’re working towards one common goal : A Bomb ass experience with incredible content!

Packed into this Howell, MI wedding was nothing short of stunning details, an awesome wedding party, and the perfect sunset after the party got started! Waldenwoods did a fantastic job, with all the details for this wedding. The coordinators and staff were excellent to work with and so incredibly helpful!

I started the day off getting ready in Brighton, with both Britney & Christian.

Detail shots of rings and Brides' shoes.
Bride smiling at her dress as she takes it off the hanger to put on for her ceremony.

Not sure how the guys felt about it but, I had both the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen belt out the lyrics to Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts”… lots of laughter for all of us. Including me. 😉 There was something so fantastic about hearing them sing “YOU COULDA HAD A BAD BITCH, NON-COMMITAL!”

Once I wrapped up with the guys I headed back to get the best part of “getting ready”. THE DRESS. Britneys’ Mom was eagerly standing by, with so much patience. You could see her just beaming with love and pride for her baby girl who was about to start a family of her own. Being a Mom myself, I always have a little bit of a soft spot for Mom’s and Dad’s on Wedding days. I can empathize with them, and put myself in their shoes easily.

Typically if I can get away with it, I have the Bridesmaids leave the room, so Mom and Bride can have their moment together.

Knowing how anxious the ladies were to see their friend, sister.. Bride.. I had to make them come in with their eyes closed.. which was another hilarious experience for all of us. Britney did not disappoint them. Their genuine reactions, and happiness was awesome to witness.

Bride surrounded by Bridesmaids during their getting ready.

Then we make the short trip over to Waldenwoods for their memorable first look, on the beautiful grounds! And this is where the magic started to unfold…

Bride approaches Groom for their first look.
Bride and Groom having their first look on a porch at Waldenwoods.
Bride and Groom during their first look.
Bride and Groom after their first look.
Fun, exciting wedding party photos.

We got so lucky with such an incredibly sunset. The night couldn’t have gotten any better than this. These are the moments where I don’t mind living in Michigan. 😉

“Magan is absolutely wonderful to work with! She made us laugh and feel very comfortable while taking our wedding photos. Nothing feels staged, it all feels natural and the pictures turned out beautifully. I highly recommend her!!”

Britney & Christian

If you are looking for a photographer to capture you’re big day, I would love to chat with you! Head over to my contact form and let me know how I can help!

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"Magan was hands down the best choice we made (other than marrying my husband!) for our wedding."

Jessica & Goutham

"Hire Magan if you want beautiful pictures. She had us literally tearing up at how stunning all her photos of us are and you don’t spend your entire wedding posing for pictures. Magan was hands down the best choice we made (other than marrying my husband!) for our wedding. You’ll love her personality and you will never regret hiring her for any occasion."

"She captures moments like no on I've seen in the business."

Matt & Stephanie

"Magan is a pro. If you're looking for artist to deliver on the biggest day of your life (wedding) she's your woman. She's honest, fair and fun to hang around with. I never write reviews but needed to for Evoke as the caliber of her work is amazing. It also helps she's leaned in digitally and can deliver your photos back in a seamless and easy way. Well done Magan. Keep on making people look like movie stars. :)"

" Her approach to personalize and tailor your experience to match your needs makes her an easey recommendation."

Ben & Janya

"I can't say enough good things about my experience with Magan. I was in the market for a photographer to capture a special moment and Magan was a joy to work with throughout the entire process. In order to look comfortable in photos, it is so crucial to have an upbeat, energetic personality that simultaneously can break any awkwardness with conversation or humor and Magan fulfills that in spades! Her approach to personalize and tailor your experience to match your needs makes her an easy recommendation."

"The pictures from our wedding day left us speechless."

Danny & Victoria

Our engagement photo session, with Magan, was an absolute blast. We are so appreciative of Magan’s help and guidance throughout our wedding planning and forever GRATEFUL to have had her and her husband with us on our wedding day. Magan and Jared were perfect for us and our wedding group, and a huge part in making it all happen. The pictures from our wedding day left us speechless. We can’t stop looking at them. She captured every moment. We’re so thankful to not only have gained a photographer for life, but also a friend.