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Garden Inspired Weddings There are plenty of ways to keep your personal style in mind when looking for a wedding venue in Michigan, and bringing in the plant vibe is definitely one of them. The lush greens and variations of plants for different textures make photos so fun and unique! Everlastings in The Wildwood | […]

Gorgeous Garden Wedding Venues in Michigan

bride and groom exchanging wedding vows in a secluded garden ceremony.

How to find the Perfect Wedding Photographer for you! Finding The Perfect Fit Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful Wedding photography is not just a job, it’s an art that can bring out your true personality and make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. When hiring a wedding photographer for your special day, make […]

How to Find Your Wedding Photographer

Bride and Groom embrace during tearful first look.

Planning your Vegas Wedding with your Destination Wedding Photographer Who’s ready to ditch the big wedding and get married in Vegas?! Alright, so you’re ready to just say “screw it” and go get married without all the people. But you’re trying to decide whether or not you really want to do something like that. What […]

How to Plan Your Vegas Wedding

Bride and Groom sitting on the couch in a vintage Vegas vibe.

Detroit Wedding Photographer’s 2022 Wedding Advice Compilation When you really just wanna know how to have the best day ever… Now I want to add before we start that I personally went to the polls (Facebook Bride groups) and asked all the recent graduate couples to give me their BEST advice for couples planning for […]

Relatable Advice From Real Couples

Getting excited about taking photos for your wedding, when you really don’t like doing photos… When the feeling of awkwardness takes over the joy Welcome to the best place ever, your new home for comfortable and empowering photos. It’s no secret that being photographed can feel overwhelming and scary for many people. If that’s you, […]

So you hate photos… but you’re getting married?

Bridal details.

Planning Your Wedding Day Timeline For the couple who just needs a little insight on how this whole ‘wedding timeline thing’ works. My Personal Approach For me, starting with ‘Golden Hour’ portraits, ceremony time, and when the reception and dinner starts are the key components we need to coordinate your timeline. And you will definitely […]

How to Plan Your Wedding Day Timeline

Bride and Groom kissing in front of a castle at Wilder Creek Nature center.

We just got engaged, now what!? When it comes to the wild world of Weddings and Social Media it’s easy to get caught up in a frenzy. After all, you just got engaged (that ring looks FABULOUS, by the way), and it’s time to party! Right? Unfortunately, most couples find it difficult to enjoy the […]

You Popped the Q, Now What?

Strategies from a veteran Detroit wedding photographer on being “there” on your big day! If you are worried about spending too much time away from your family, AND not getting enough one-on-one time with your partner on your wedding day; there is a simple fix – plan for a few photo “sets’ throughout the day. […]

How to Feel Like You’re Present At Your Wedding

Brides at their first look in the Detroit Club Hotel lobby.

Downtown Detroit Wedding Proposal Take a look at this stunning Downtown Detroit Proposal set in The Apparatus Room, of The Detroit Foundation Hotel. When Ben contacted me in early November to get plans in line for a stunning slightly-“styled” surprise proposal in Downtown Detroit for his girlfriend Janya, I was so excited to get started! […]

Stunning Surprise Downtown Detroit Proposal

Newly engaged couple crosses Campus Martius Downtown Detroit.

Do you and your partner like to travel? Adventure, hike, whatever. If you’re still wanting a wedding with the whole fam back at home, but still want a twist on how you do things – planning an adventure engagement session, is the perfect compromise! For this adventure, in particular, they decided on Washington! I could […]

Everything You Wanted to Know About An Adventure Engagement Session at Mt. Rainier

Couple kissing during their engagement session in the mountains, Mt Rainier Washington.

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