How To Plan the Perfect Proposal

I’m planning a proposal and I need help!

The day has come. You’ve finally decided the person you’re with is it for you.

Welcome to the Ultimate Proposal Photoshoot Planning strategy.

You know without a doubt, you need to document such a special day because your partner would love it. Let’s do that but, I like this proposal planning strategy better.

In recent times, people of all kinds have been hiring photographers to hide and capture their special moments while their partner is completely unaware.

Couples hands posing for photo of new engagement ring.

But let me give you a better plan. A smoother, more seamless plan that takes away a lot of the stress.

Now hear me out, okay? We’re going to make up some story about your friend needing a couple for a portfolio building session, or something to that effect. Do you see where I’m going with this?

This solves so many possible roadblocks instantly. First, they might think it’s weird you want to volunteer for this – but, you’re “doing it for a friend” – maybe say it’s a friends’ sibling you’re helping out. Whatever you need to say to make this suit your lifestyle but not sound sketchy.

Honestly, this is especially helpful if you have no holiday or anything else to mask this special event for.

Photoshoot Planning

You can even ask your photographer for suggestions on what to wear. This will help you get them to wear something “dressy”. With that being said, this will also prompt them to maybe have their nails done, brows waxed, or a fresh haircut. And takes you trying to plan it for them, completely out of the equation.

You obviously want your partner to feel on top of the world at this moment. So we can take it up a notch.

We can plan for poppin’ a bottle of champagne after you propose, or I can hand off some flowers if that’s your thing. The possibilities on how we can customize this are endless.

I will also coordinate with you, a specific prompt I’ll use to get them in the perfect position for me to capture the moment right. Another obstacle, removed! You don’t have to worry about facing the right way, or getting the lighting right. We’ll already be together, so I can make it absolutely perfect.

After we’re finished up with the session, off you go for the rest of the nights’ plans. I will have a little preview prepped for you guys that same night so you can share your exciting news! I know the proposal photoshoot plan will make things so much easier for you and me! 😉

If you are interested in booking this session, shoot me an inquiry and I will help you make the plans! While you’re at it, go check out the portfolio!

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